To complement our general corporate and business law practice, we offer certain services that provide for greater efficiency in addition to convenience.


Since our Firm’s inception, it has served as “outside” general counsel and advisor to private businesses and individuals.   For a partial list of such clients, please see the representative transaction list.

Since the 90’s we have experienced a tremendous growth in the number of emerging companies, many of which are now mid-sized if not large multinational establishments.   No matter what the size, many of these entities are engaging in global commerce but not all can afford the resources to retain an in-house counsel or a full-time in-house general counsel.   However, they need guidance on routine legal matters.


Our Firm is committed to providing a solution to the unique day-to-day corporate law needs of such businesses by providing “outside” general counsel services.   Upon being retained as outside general counsel, our Firm is, in essence, “on-call” to handle all corporate matters that the business may encounter.  

For areas outside our practice, we refer the matter to an attorney from our network of professionals, and at the request of our client, we coordinate and collaborate with such other attorney to ensure that our clients needs are met.   In other words, our mission is to focus on our clients’ entire legal picture, so that we can provide higher quality and more efficient and effective legal services based on our clients’ business and individual legal needs.