Our Practice
The Firm has made a strategic decision to focus our talents, resources and energy in a few areas of practice in order to be best able to provide value to our clients. Our Firm represents commercial as well as not-for-profit entities in various industries, including technology, bioscience and health care, real estate, equipment and aircraft finance and leasing, hospitality, fashion, venture capital, insurance, banking and finance, retail businesses and professional services providers.

Our attorneys are experienced in various types of leases, including operating, finance, leveraged and synthetic leases, both domestic and cross-border covering all types of equipment. Many of such transactions have involved letters of credit, various interest rate options, and currency and interest rate swaps. Our attorneys have structured transactions to maximize tax benefits/efficiencies, represented lead lenders in syndicated transactions, and handled intercreditor participation and subordination agreements.

Within the aviation industry, our attorneys have extensive experience in aircraft financing and leasing transactions from operating leases and U.S. tax-based leveraged leases to complex foreign and U.S. double-dip tax lease structures and from traditional mortgage structures to U.S. Ex-Im Bank aircraft financings.

Our attorneys have represented every type of party in leasing transactions including: lessee, owner participant, synthetic lessor, manufacturer, lender, indenture and owner trustee, and such entities as debt enhancement providers in connection with lease financings relating to the following equipment:
  • Railroad equipment
  • Corporate aircraft
  • Ships
  • Automobiles
  • Satellite transponders
  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Computer equipment
  • General office equipment
  • Power facilities
  • Elevated toll road facility
  • Waste resource recovery facility