Our Practice
The Firm has made a strategic decision to focus our talents, resources and energy in a few areas of practice in order to be best able to provide value to our clients. Our Firm represents commercial as well as not-for-profit entities in various industries, including technology, bioscience and health care, real estate, equipment and aircraft finance and leasing, hospitality, fashion, venture capital, insurance, banking and finance, retail businesses and professional services providers.

The Firm advises buyers, sellers, and advisers in planning, negotiating, and executing complex commercial transactions around the globe. We advise clients engaged in mergers, cross-border transactions, strategic alliances, collaborations and joint ventures, licensing, acquisitions and divestitures.

Many companies choose a merger, acquisition or other form of business reorganization in order to diversify, specialize or expand their business. We help companies evaluate the advantages and disadvantages associated with each form of business combination or reorganization, from the simple to the very complex. Once a strategy for a merger, acquisition, or reorganization is determined, we assist with due diligence and negotiations, establish timetables, prepare documents and respond to our client's questions and concerns throughout the transaction.

We also represent individuals who invent processes or develop new technology and assist them in marketing and selling such technology to companies in their relevant space. For example, please refer to the description of our Firm's representation of an inventor in a sale of technology to Google, Inc. in the list of representative matters.