Our Firm
Mahatme Bitterman PLLC is a unique boutique law firm representing individuals as well as companies ranging from small establishments to multinational companies based in the United States and elsewhere around the world. The Firm has made a strategic decision to focus its talent, resources and energy in a few areas of practice, namely, Corporate and Business Law and certain Individual Client Services.

The Firm is unique in two respects.  Firstly, it has a diverse client base that would more traditionally be found at large law firms, and secondly, the Firm’s attorneys have gained valuable skills, “big firm” experience and perspectives to provide the outstanding legal expertise of a larger law firm with the quality of service and cost-effectiveness of a smaller practice.

The Firm’s strengths include our commitment to understanding our clients’ businesses and anticipating their needs, our ability to propose practical creative solutions and help implement them and our commitment to staying abreast of new legal and business developments.   


Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our clients through responsive, personalized, and efficient “partner-level” counsel. For this reason, we are determined to maintain our Firm as a “boutique” practice. 

The Firm regularly interacts with management consultants, accounting firms, brokers, financial planners and other reputable law firms with specific expertise to whom we refer matters outside our core practice areas. Through our network of associations and knowledge of the legal profession in New York and the United States, as well as our network with professionals globally, we are able to provide clients with the necessary resources to access a full range of legal services worldwide – a useful advantage in an age when even small and medium sized companies are engaging in global commerce.